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Welcome to 30 Superstitions! This is a group, based on 30_kisses, that uses the concept of 30 different fanfic or fanart themes to gain more skills in our own crafts and just have fun. People of all fandoms are invited to participate and couples of all orientations are welcome, and feel free to be creative and learn. Feel free as well to give constructive criticisms to each author/artist, but flames will be gobbled up and given back to the writer of it.

Feel free to join just to enjoy the fanworks, but don't be intimidated. Writers and artists of all levels are welcome to

The list:

1. Hand of glory
2. Animal
3. Laughing
4. Dove
5. Weddings
6. Gemstones
7. Fruit
8. Numbers
9. Belt
10. Folk Remedies
11. Ink
12. Swallow
13. Milk
14. Zombies
15. Zodiac
16. Cats
17. Rain Omens
18. Witches
19. Vampires
20. Succubi/Incubi
21. Flowers
22. Ladders
23. Left
24. Sneezing
25. Age/name
26. Colors
27. Frogs
28. Crossroads
29. Halloween
30. Death

~The Process~

- Everyone can claim up to two characters from two distinct fandoms. This character will only be used by one person (though in the cases of fandoms where more than one character is claimed the fics can use more than just the character claimed, but the focus must be on the character claimed) for the 30 themese. Once finished you'll receive a flashy button for your character and the character will be given to the next person. (Note -- claiming two characters means you're expected to do all 30 themes for each couple.)

- Co-authoring or artisting is allowed, but keep it down to two people working on one character theme.

- To request a character, please respond to this post with a subject line saying: "Request: Fandom: Character". Make sure you include the full names of the character. Make sure to check to make sure the character has not already been claimed.

- When finished or unable to complete please leave a comment here.

- One new theme must be completed every two months for your character. If this does not happen then the claim will be lost! The mods will give ample warnings before the claim is taken away.

~The Premise~

- Themes can be done in any way shape or form chosen. Just remember, the superstition
must be involved. It doesn't need to be the focal point, but it's got
to be in there one way or another. The interpretation, however, is
entirely up to you.

- No order has to be followed when doing the themes.

- The style can be any way the author chooses. If it takes the form of a multi-chapter arc that's ok, if it's simply a drabble (at least 100 words) than that's great as well. It's about learning more about your style as a writer as well as bringing new elements into your writing.

- Things can be works in progress (WIP's), but try to write new things each time. The point is to learn, not to focus on being the "best". Write as much or as little as you feel needs to be written.

~Posting Guidelines~

- When you post, please use the following format:

Subject line:
Title/ Fandom/ Challenge
Example would be "Blank/Weiss Kreuz/Ink"

Theme: (include the # and the theme)
Rating: Make sure you make this noticeable. Anything above PG has to be hidden underneath the cut
Disclaimer: This is important, and make sure you are careful when claiming things here.

- If you want things saved in memories mention it in the text line.

- Try to keep everything behind lj cuts as much as possible. Links to your own journals are also allright.

- All ratings are welcomes and accepted!

- Plagiarists will be sent to the lowest level of hell. Please keep that in mind when posting your works.

- Feedback is important, but should be constructive. Any flamers will go to the level of hell above plagarists.

- If you have any extra questions direct them to the mods.


wolfshark wolfshark@gmail.com - AIM, MSN, YIM - sharkie335
shay_renoylds shaynie_renoylds@yahoo.com (MSN)

If you wish to be a mod contact either of the mods above.


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~Original Concept~

By chocolate_chip

~On Advertisements~

This community does not allow community advertisements. The only thing that should be posted by participants is fiction and/or art. Thanks.